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Probate Attorney in Athens, TN

Representing Clients with Estate Planning and Probate Matters

Probate is the act of proving a will to be valid, as well as managing and distributing a decedent's estate according to the state's legal system. It does not have to be a dreaded process that a family must carry out after their loved one has passed away. If prepared for properly, the probate process may be minimal, or completely avoided, after a loved one passes away.

An estate plan, which consists of a myriad of documents, is devised to help an individual plan for both their own and their estate's future. With an experienced attorney's help, people may create comprehensive estate plans that may help their families avoid the probate process altogether. The team at Cantrell & Associates Law, PLLC, has been assisting clients with probate and estate planning for over 30 years. If you wish to learn more about probate and estate planning, please feel free to contact our Athens probate lawyer.

At Cantrell & Associates Law, PLLC, we practice preventive law. This means that we strive to avoid future problems that may arise for families regarding probate and estate planning. To prevent a client's family from being caught off-guard with their property and paperwork after they pass away, we may ensure that the client has done everything in their power to prepare for the distribution of their estate. Our team discusses every problem a client and their family might have, and we work together to resolve them. When we address clients, we do not use legal jargon that only fellow lawyers can comprehend. Instead, we use plain, simple English, and we make sure that our clients know what is happening in regards to their case at all times. Since we have been practicing law for more than 3 decades, we know that successful cases require a strong client-attorney relationship. We treat all of our clients as family members who are seeking advice, instead of seeing them as a paycheck. Our goal is to give every client a peace of mind, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure that our clients leave our office with comprehensive estate plans that may prepare their loved ones for the probate process.

Learn from an Estate Planning Lawyer in Athens, TN

There are many benefits of an estate plan. A decedent who created a valid, in-depth estate plan may help their family avoid the probate of their estate, as well as possible estate and federal taxes. Estate plans include several essential documents, but depending on the person, an estate planning attorney may include more documents if the individual sees fit. Components of an estate plan may include guardianships, trusts, and certain types of advance healthcare directives. However, every attorney and client should include one of the most crucial documents in an estate plan-a will. A will is important for various reasons, and it makes the probate process fairly simple for a decedent's family.

If a person did not create an estate plan prior to their passing, their family may have to probate the decedent's estate. Depending on the deceased's estate, the probate process may be a simple or extremely challenging task. Avoiding probate is not impossible, and can be done with a lawyer's assistance. For families who need assistance with their loved one's probate, an experienced probate attorney may be able to help. Estate administration is necessary for nearly all probate cases, and certain steps must be followed to correctly manage and distribute the decedent's estate. The team at Cantrell & Associates Law, PLLC, has the ability to walk clients through the estate administration process. They may also help parents and loved ones elect conservatorships and guardianships for their family members, as well.

Providing Assistance for Residents throughout McMinn County

Not only is our team skilled in the areas of probate and estate planning, but business, and real estate law, as well. Our specialty in the area of business law is handling incorporations of new businesses. For clients who need assistance with real estate law, we have the ability to help with leases, mortgages, buying and selling property, property disputes, and property damage. If it involves real property, we can help!

If you live in McMinn County, our team of Athens probate attorneys has the ability to assist you with your probate, estate planning, business law, or real estate law needs. We have worked with people, businesses, and organizations to ensure that all of their legal issues are successfully resolved. If you are interested in our estate planning and probate services, we offer free living life planning sessions. For prospective clients who cannot leave their place of residence, we may be able to come to you! Please visit the rest of our website, and if you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact our firm!

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